Providing innovative specialist facade
services in the Middle East

Innovative specialist facade
services in the Middle East

Who we are

At the forefront of the latest industry standards we deliver exceptional building envelope and facade services to improve the quality and efficiency of today’s buildings.

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Excellent design and engineering is the corner stone of all good facade companies.
BES offers a complete range of specialist facade services, from design conception through to facade completion. So whether you're looking for a comprehensive facade engineering consultancy, undertake an individual inspection or require a specification report to meet compliance regulations, we can support you.

Today our technical department has 20 employees in the design and engineering department consisting of senior designers, system developers, structural engineers, mechanical engineers and draftsmen. All members of this team are highly qualified, with years of experience working on many different and varied projects. We utilize all the latest software and 3D design systems for material orders, production orders, general design work, drafting, structural modeling and thermal analysis.

From managing a new-build, to rectifying an existing one, or restoring a piece of architectural history, you can confidently depend on our facade expertise.

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Who we're for

We complement architects, developers, project managers, main contractors, facade contractors and private houses– providing them with expert technical input.

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We understand that every project and every client is different.
In every project the team demonstrates a complete understanding of the project requirements by utilizing the latest available products and meeting all required technical specifications. We ensure that all materials specified meet the economic, technical and visual parameters and translate the Architect's vision into optimised designs that the client can both appreciate and afford.


From architectural concept, preparation of facade performance specification, design development, through to off-site and on-site inspection, BES offers a complete facade and building envelope consultancy.

Schematic & Concept Design

After we review and assess the proposed design with the developer and the architect we select the correct materials and systems for the project. We'll address any special design requirements and critique the schematic drawings and specs.

system design

We evaluate the concept designs in terms of performance, budget and constructability, then develop the best envelope system to proceed with, including drawings, preliminary calculations and in conjunction with the project team we outline
facade performance criteria.

Technical Review

A full technical design audit of the subcontractor’s designs, calculations and thermal models. We will conduct drawing-specific reviews to check that the relative designs conform to the specification, the client’s requirements and meet all the technical, lifetime and performance requirements of the project.

bidding & value engineering

We evaluate the bidders qualifications, propsal drawings and project understanding to identify the one most qualified to correctly complete the construction. Compliance checking alternative value bids is vital for you to make an informed decision and avoid the danger of accepting the lowest bid with the biggest errors.

control & inspections

We assess the causes of facade failure, recommend the remedial measures to take and can give expert advice on any resulting legal issues. We advocate starting the complex evaluation and approval process pre-assembly.

Looking to have your project evaluated?
Our highly qualified team establish the best building options available for your project and develop innovative facade design solutions that will provide optimal performance, constructability and satisfy budget constraints.

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Design + Engineering

Through exceptional design, engineering and by applying improved practices BES strives to achieve excellence in all our facade projects.

Concept design

Our expert engineers will provide facade concept development and design assistance to select the right system to meet the architect's vision and the required performance for your project.

System design

Our highly specialised knowledge of materials, manufacturing technology, methods of assembly, application and commercial issues combined with our extensive experience of developing bespoke and cost effective product solutions mean we are able to produce market-driven facade system designs.

Shop drawings

We produce comprehensive shop drawings including plans, elevations, schedules, sections and enlarged details to obtain the architects approval. Reflecting the structure and shape of the building’s façade at every location they provide a roadmap for project managers and installers that can greatly affect the profitability of any project.


We conduct a full structural analysis for all the facade components including, but not limited to fixings, brackets, glass, cladding, supporting frames, silicone, stone, etc. in accordance with international standards and project specifications using the latest software to provide our client with an optimal solution.


Thermal analysis calculates the temperature and heat transfer within and between the different components in the facade systems. At BES we carry out thermal analyses using finite element software to calculate the system u-value, the facade overall u-value and condensation (dew point).


BES has created a unique system of fabrication drawing with release procedures for the factory. Our skilled draftsmen and fabrication industry experts create detailed drawings identifying the different materials, cutting lengths and orientation as first or third angle of projection for the factory. This results in hassle-free completion and reduces time and cost.

We are experts in the increasingly complex methods and techniques available.
BES understands the implications of different facade solutions in terms of geometry, structural adequacy, performance, energy efficiency, procurement, fabrication, installation, program, and whole life costing.

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Project Management

We provide a fully tailored management, procurement, repair and refurbishment for facade systems to meet commercial demands of the construction industry.

project management

The multi-faceted nature of façade construction is complex, with numerous interdependent suppliers to co-ordinate and monitor. We are able to offer you professional Project Management Services and associated advice in the following areas:

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BES will determine the best value commercial bid submissions for facade procurement by carrying out a complex technical evaluation to identify any qualifications that are detrimental to the project and any non-compliances of the subcontractors’ designs against the overall project requirements and performance specification.

Maintenance & Refurbishment

As specialist façade surveyors we are suitably qualified, experienced and adequately insured to provide the following services:

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Our pioneering creativity delivers world-class results.
As a market-focused, process-centered company, BES delivers the highest value to our customers through developing and delivering innovative solutions, products and services.

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Through innovative consulting, design and engineering services BES brings the architects’ vision to life.

Unitized Curtain Wall

Stick Curtain Wall

Cable System

Point fix

Windows & Doors

Metal Cladding

Stone cladding




Balustrades & rating



Store fronts & Interiors

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Recent Projects

BES is responsible for leading the design, procurement, programming, testing, installation, repair and refurbishment process of facade systems, on many diverse and prestigious landmark projects.

NMC Royal Women's Hospital

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ABG Bank

Arabtec was awarded to construct the new head office for Al Baraka Banking Group (ABG). Strategically located in Bahrain Bay, a waterfront district of residential, commercial and retail spaces, the ABG Tower is comprised of two Office Towers.

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Abu Dhabi

Saraya Tower

On the Corniche Road Abu Dhabi, Creek Tower is a residential tower with 3 basement floors, a ground floor, a mezzanine floor, 6 podium floors for car parking, 39 typical floors and 3 service floors.

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